Ethical intelligence for Organisations

“Ethics such as trust and compassion, humility and forgiveness are not antithetical to the mission of an organisation. Rather, they are critical. Any leader that cannot or does not understand these deeply and incorporate ethics such as these into their leadership philosophy will struggle to secure the trust and confidence of their organisations and communities as they attempt to navigate the complexities, uncertainties and ambiguities of the modern world.”
– Mark Crosweller

Ethical Intelligence provides high quality advice and support to strengthen an organisation’s leadership capacity to be be both trusted and compassionate in the execution of its business activities, whether public or private.

Developing Trusted and Compassionate Organisations

Ethical Intelligence works with an organisation’s leadership team at the individual and cohort level to assist them in instilling ethics such as trust and compassion within their leadership and management for the benefit of themselves and those they intersect with in the market or community.

Ethical Intelligence uses a strengths based approach by revealing an Organisation’s existing inner ethics whilst at the same time indentifying those negative attributes within leadership and culture that work against them.

More specifically, Ethical Intelligence works with the leadership of organisations to:

  • Expand their knowledge and understanding of ethics such as trust and compassion and their relationship with the Organisation’s vision and mission and values.
  • ‘Take a pulse’ of their Organisation’s most important ethics and develop strategies to improve and reinforce them through the Organisation’s leadership
  • Assess, and where necessary, formulate recommendations on how the organisation’s culture could better align with these ethics
  • Review and make recommendations about how the Organisation’s internal codes of conduct and rules can better align with these ethics

Assisting in Crisis

Ethical Intelligence works with Executives, Boards of Management and their organisations to assist them in understanding and appreciating how they can position themselves to assist in times of adversity within their communities.
More specifically, Ethical Intelligence works with organisations to Bring forward from within the organisational culture an ethical framing based upon trust and compassion.